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Welcome to The Biology Yak!

The Biology Yak has been created as a blog to review the current goings-on in science, focusing mainly on recent findings in aspects of cellular, evolutionary, molecular and developmental biology, and their relevance to the public and medicine.

This blog aims to de-mystify current research in science, and make it accessible to everyone, without the need of a degree. Check out my twitter for more!



Malaria research in media

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Microbe Stew

I love discussing Microbiology and Science! Also blogging about science communication, education and careers. Posts by Stewart Barker, Biology Graduate

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To live on purpose, you must question everything.

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There's A Spider In The Bath!

The words of an arachnophilic PhD student, who initially set out to change the public perception of spiders and science, but instead writes about the tough (and nice!) bits of PhD life.