The Biology Yak – what, who, why?

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Biology Yak!

What is the Biology Yak?

The Biology Yak has been created as a blog to review the current goings-on in science, focusing mainly on recent findings in aspects of cellular and developmental biology, and their relevance to the public and medicine.

I am keen on increasing the accessibility of scientific research, and putting it into context by explaining the bigger picture – If research gets funding, it will (probably!) have some relevance to everyday life. Hopefully, this blog will de-mystify current research and make it accessible, so you don’t need a science degree to understand it.

About me

I am currently an undergraduate studying Biological Sciences at Oxford University, hoping to progress to an MSc in Integrated Immunology next year. My interests and research experience includes immunology (obviously), development, genetics and cellular biology… however I am also very fond of weird and wonderful animals and plants, and many other things that I have discovered across the course of my degree.

I aim to do frequent updates, depending on the amount of free time I have -doing a degree takes a surprising amount of work!

Science-y love,

The Biology Yak x


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