About me

I did my BA in Biological Sciences and MSc in Immunology at Oxford University. I am now pursuing a DPhil in vaccines against emerging pathogens and improving vaccine efficacy at Oxford.


What is The Biology Yak?

The Biology Yak is a blog dedicated to making current biological research and scientific discoveries accessible to everyone.¬† There are numerous interesting articles and papers that are published every day, and TBY aims to contextualise and de-jargon these findings so everyone can find out about the wonderful (and sometimes very weird) world that we live in!¬†After all, what’s the point of making ground-breaking discoveries if they can’t be understood by anyone who doesn’t have a science degree? To inspire future generations into learning about science, and to further public understanding, new discoveries need to be made available and understandable for everyone.


Not just what, but why?

The Biology Yak will put research into the bigger picture of health and medicine. We will ask not just what this research shows, but why it is important to us, and what impact it will have on everyday lives.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions, or reccommendations for future articles!